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Why do you Need Specially Designed Candle Boxes for your Candle Store?

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Candle boxes are there in everyone’s closet, some might be using it to store jewels, some might be using it to keep coins, but the fancy candle boxes are there in our lives and they are there to stay. Fancy candle boxes not only help candle makers distinguish their candles from other brands in the market, but they also leave an impression on your customers.

Catchy Designs

Your brand is powerful when it makes great products, great designs, great materials and leaves a long-lasting impression on your customers. A catchy design is necessary for your products to get picked from the shelf and has better impression on online stores with better product images. Refine Packaging offers great custom printed designs for your candle store.

Heat Protection

Candles lose their shape, size, odor etc. when they are subjected to heat. Even a short exposure to heat in a car while being parked outside the house on a sunny day might damage the candle inside. So, you need to do everything possible to protect your candles. The thicker the box, the better the chances of it acting as a shield against heat.

Protects in Transportation

Candles are soft fragile items which can easily get damaged during transportation. Some variants of candles even come in glass a vase which makes them even more fragile and special care is needed to protect them. These items not only need special care while transportation but they also need strong packaging materials which can hold them during transportation.

Durable & Flexible Material

The choice of materials for designing candle boxes is always exquisite. The packaging is made of high-quality materials to attract customers while ensuring the safety of the candles even on a warm day. Imagine someone leaving your candle in their car on a very hot day, if there is no box to protect, the candle might melt. The thicker material you use for packaging, the better the chances are for the box to be used for storage while offering great protection.

Speak to Your Customers

The customer chooses candles for various occasions to express emotions and feelings, your packaging should meet their mood and emotions. Every candle is different and is used for a different occasion. A valentine’s candle is very different from Christmas candle and if your candle is packaged according to your customers there is a better chance of them being picked up by the customers. You should have a calendar ready for special events and occasions throughout the year to ensure great response. When you design products for occasions, they have better chances of being picked than regular products.

Candle boxes are used by your customers to store items likes Jewels even after they have used your candles. These boxes leave a great impression on your buyers and are a great marketing material to make sure they remember your brand’s name forever. Design a box which is durable and impresses your customers into keeping it for storage purposes and it will be worth every penny spent.

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