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What Are the Most Effective Methods to Quit Smoking?

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More and more cigarette smokers are deciding it is time to quit this dirty and very unhealthy habit, and with more and more establishments banning smoking, there does seem to be a general shift that leans toward eradicating smoking from society. If you have tried several times unsuccessfully, to quit smoking, this article outlines several methods that are known to produce results.

  • Hypnotism – If a person is told, while in a deep hypnotic state, that smoking will make them feel sick, this very often is all it takes for a person to quit smoking. If we can manage to instruct the sub-conscious, this will result in a different response, although, not everyone can be hypnotised, but is can be very effective in turning you off cigarettes for good.
  • Vaping – Perhaps the most successful of all the methods to quit smoking, vaping gives the user a controlled dose of nicotine, and then the person has no desire to smoke a cigarette. If you live in Australia, vape stores are easily found online and they offer an extensive selection of starter kits, e-liquid and all the accessories. There is no doubt that suddenly ceasing to ingest nicotine results in severe withdrawal symptoms, and vaping is one effective way to avoid doing cold turkey when stopping smoking.
  • Nicotine Gum – You can buy nicotine chewing gum in the pharmacy, and although it isn’t a pleasant taste, chewing nicotine gum can help you to cease smoking. It is a similar method to vaping, in as much as the user is still ingesting nicotine, but in a much safer way than smoking, which exposes the user to harmful toxins.
  • Nicotine Patches – These can also provide you with your daily dose of nicotine, and by sticking on a slow-release patch in the morning, this can give you all your nicotine for a single day. Sadly, nicotine patches do not work for every person, and most people who are looking for a way to ingest nicotine, choose vaping, as it is much closer to the action of smoking.
  • Sheer Willpower – It is possible to wake up one morning, having decided that you have smoked your very last cigarette, and while most people would struggle through the first few weeks, there are a few strong-willed people who can simply cease smoking. If, for example, you had a bad cough and went to see your doctor, who, after looking at your X-rays, told you that smoking is killing you, this can often be enough for a person to quit.

The most effective of all the above strategies is vaping, which allows the user fine control over the amount of nicotine they ingest, and with so many delicious e-liquid flavours, vaping is a pleasurable experience that you will wish to repeat.

It is generally agreed that a smoker has to really want to give up, and if they are pressured by family and friends, but do not have strong personal resolve, this often leads to failure and a resumption of smoking.

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