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The Secrets to Choosing the Best Dark Chocolate

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Chocolate runs through the blood of your kitchen. You have it for your breakfast bread, midday meal and dinner treats. Everyone loves chocolate that you will want to make sure you get the best quality pieces. The best dark chocolate can be bought from a reputable Canadian chocolate private label specialist. The tips below can help you choose the best dark chocolate you can enjoy and provide you with lots of health benefits:

Consider the Cocoa Percentage

Dark chocolate must be more than 60 percent cocoa. In general, the higher the cocoa percentage the higher amount of possible health benefits that chocolate can offer. Also, a chocolate with higher cocoa percentage is naturally not as sweet as other chocolate varieties. If you want to get the most flavonoids from chocolate, get one with the high percentage.

Ensure It Has Little to No Sugar

Dark chocolate has a bitter taste. Sometimes, it can have extra sugar to add an appeal to its taste. To get the best health benefits, pick dark chocolate with minimal sugar content. Check the list of ingredients for this chocolate to know what you are getting.

Avoid Chocolate Processed with Alkali

Chocolate that is processed with alkali can reduce the health benefits it has. Also, the processing makes the chocolate less bitter.

Find chocolate makers that have strict manufacturing and quality control practices as the produce their products. They should handle their cacao bean production with care and precision to create the best-tasting chocolate with a supple bitter note which lingers on the tongue.

Check the Ingredients

Governments regulate the ingredients that can and cannot be used in chocolates. Typically, a quality dark chocolate has 3-4 ingredients the main of which include cocoa mass, sugar, and cocoa butter. But, a number of companies will use low-cost artificial sweeteners when producing chocolate instead of real sugar. Also, they may use cheaper cocoa butter equivalents like hydrogenated or vegetable oils instead of pure cocoa butter. To make sure you get healthy dark chocolates, watch for these ingredient substitutes.

Consider Fair Trade

Although fair trade may not have a direct effect on the health benefits of chocolates, picking fair trade promotes fair wages for cacao farmers and transparency to ensure safe growing practices.  Studies even show that purchasing organic chocolate is good for the environment compared to traditional chocolate. Plus, eating organic chocolate reduces your exposure to pesticide residue.

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