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How to Dress For the Summer

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We compile an easy summer dressing guide for you to keep cool and comfortable despite the hot weather.

The summer is beating down on us all, and the relentless hot weather is sending every person scurrying into air-conditioned environments.

Though it doesn’t seem like it at the moment, summer can actually be a really pleasing season. The bright sunlight can serve to elevate your mood, and encourage you to get out of doors to enjoy the clear blue skies and balmy breezes. But a lot of your enjoyment of summer depends on the kind of precautions you take against the harsh sunlight and the heat.

Our elders keep telling us to drink a lot of water and eat cooling food during the season. Apart from this sage advice, it is also important to dress right for the season. Stocking up on summer wear that keeps you cool and comfortable is most important.

Whip out your summer wear app and start shopping for the right summer wear clothing and accessories today.

* Invest in cotton, khadi, linen and jute.

These fabrics are more porous than synthetic fabrics, and so they allow more passage of air through their fibres. As a result, your clothing will be more ventilated and keep you cooler than if you were to don woollen or nylon clothes. Invest in pastel shades, however – dark colours will soak in more heat and cause discomfort and skin rashes. Ensure that the clothes are light in thickness and loose, so that contact with skin is minimised.

* Wear cotton underclothing.

It is a bad idea to wear synthetic slips, bras or panties during the summer months. These fabrics cling to the skin and make it clammy and sweaty. Instead, invest in cotton underclothes that let your skin breathe, and which are not as clingy. Look up suitable options for men and women on your preferred summer wear app.

* Stock up on sun screen lotion.

A big complaint during the summer months is sun burn and heat rashes. The harsh sunlight can reduce the skin’s moisture content and harmful UV rays can cause surface burns and rashes. You should use a good sunblock or sunscreen lotion that creates a barrier between your skin and harmful UVA and UVB rays. Sunscreen prevents a host of skin problems, from tanning to rashes. Also take care to bathe in cold water and apply an anti-bacterial talc on the skin to prevent infections due to excessive sweating. You can find these products on the app when you buy summer wear.

* Finish with the right shoes.

Closed shoes that cause excessive sweating are a bane in the summer months. The best kind of footwear for the summer is one that leaves enough scope for ventilation and which offers sufficient foot support. Sneakers are best, as are flip flops with a comfortable sole.

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