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Four Tips to Follow to Ensure you Buy High-Quality Leather Bags

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When it comes to leather bags, there are a lot of horror stories that exist. A lot of people spend $1000 on a leather bag and then just a few months later, the leather begins to crack, the hardware starts to rust, and the stitching comes unfinished. To avoid this kind of frustrating situations, make sure you know what you are getting from the get-go.

The tips below can help you buy genuine leather bags:-

Choose the Kind of Leather

As with leather jackets and shoes, pick a bag which is made of full grain leather. This is the kind of leather whose quality will never expire even after years of use. Remember that the best leather has an attractive patina or the look that tends to get better with age. Quality leathers have quality patina. This is something you cannot expect from leathers that have been heavily treated.

Consider their Country of Origin and Manufacturing

Often, the country the leather is made from determines the quality of the bag. Italian bags have been known to possess superior qualities and those who buy Italian bags wholesale can surely save on the cost and buy more pieces. Bags made in the U.S., England, and France are also known for their exceptional quality.

But you must a bit more discretion in terms of labels. Some companies will try to capitalize on the “Made in Italy” reputation by performing the work in another country and just finish the lather in Italy. Then, they stamp their products as Italian leather. Make sure you look for premium leather which means the tanning and hide selection are done in Italy or other reputable countries.

Pay Attention to the Handwork and Durability

High-quality leather bags are made from durable leathers. They are a work of art made by carefully choosing the leather and ensuring precise stitching. The best bags are expected to hold a certain weight and be carried around without being weakened. This makes grain vital since full-grain leather makes bags that last for the longest time. However, top-grain leather is also a more affordable option which also works.

Check the Hardware

Before purchasing a leather bag, take the time to inspect the little parts’ quality. Examine the details from every side of the bag. Pay close attention to features such as handles, buckles, locks, shoulder strap fittings, metallic rings, and zippers. If you want to buy leather bags online, zoom in the photos to check out the individual parts.

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