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Find Your True Match Through Ice Cream?

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Will your chocolate ever find love having a strawberry? Here’s the news.

A 20-year study finds that particular personalities favor certain ice cream flavors over others. Therefore, among the best places to satisfy your ideal match could be the ice cream shop.

This is what your preferred flavors mean, as well as your right diamond necklace for them.


You are significant and colorful and can often be impulsive. you place high goals and therefore are idealistic. You love to take a risk but have high expectations. You are dependent, open-minded and gregarious. You are a personal person and live a busy existence. You are preferred inside a close relationship.

Best Match: Rocky Road or any other Vanilla

Double Chocolate Chunk

You are an intuitive extrovert who chooses hunches over logic. You are very masculine or feminine, theatrical and inventive. you love to be the middle of attention and could be somewhat dramatic. You are also charming, lively, passionate and flirtatious. You receive bored by routine and like novelty. You are well-outfitted, over-having faith in along with a follower who enjoys close relationships.

Best Match: Butter Pecan or Chocolate Nick

Bananas and Cream

You are and introvert who handles stress poorly and it has low self-esteem. You sometimes feel insufficient and may become overwhelmed, cranky and irritable.

Best Match: Chocolate Nick

Blueberry Cream Cake

You are well adjusted, easygoing and empathetic. You are the ideal parent and spouse.

Best Match: Vanilla, Double Chocolate Chunk, Bananas and Cream, Chocolate Nick, Butter Pecan or any other Blueberry Cream Cake

Chocolate Nick

You are an ambitious, generous, competitive, a visionary along with a go-getter. You are a proficient conqueror who does not like defeat. You are charming and competent and like being focused on.

Best Match: Butter Pecan or Double Chocolate Chunk

Butter Pecan

You are a perfectionist who follows the guidelines and doesn’t spend your time or procrastinate. You are very detail-oriented along with a take-charge type of person rich in standards. You are conservative, intelligent, principled and moral. You may be competitive but they are quick to evaluate yourself. You are sexually reserved and may have issues expressing your emotions.

Best Match: Mint Chocolate Nick


You like being a member of a group and you are happy to become a follower. You are suitable for a number of other personalities.

Best Match: Rocky Road, Vanilla, Mint Chocolate Nick or any other Strawberry


You are seductive, dramatic, lively and flirtatious. You reside your existence such as your caffeinated. You throw yourself headfirst into all you do and like to reside in as soon as.

Best Match: Strawberry

Mint Chocolate Nick

You are a little cynical. You are frugal, ambitious, contrary and argumentative. You are careful concerning the future.

Best Match: Other Mint Choc Chips

Rocky Road

You are charming in social situations, but they are very driven from your profession. You sometimes get angry over small inconveniences, and hate to wait.

Best Match: Other Rocky Roads

Wondering where plain ol’ chocolate is? Ends up that chocolate is really attractive to a lot of people it fits to a lot of different personalities to become incorporated here.

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