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Essential Factors to Consider when Picking the Perfect Jewellery for Her

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As a boyfriend, one the most difficult things you feel you need to do is to purchase a piece of jewellery for your woman. It becomes tougher when you don’t know the kind of jewellery she likes or if she likes jewellery in the first place. But the secret to getting the piece of jewellery for her is considering important factors such as the following:

Your Woman’s Fashion Style

Considering her lifestyle can help you decide the right jewellery to buy for her. For example, does your woman layer up small jewellery pieces such as fine chain pendants or stacking rings? Does she wear big statement pieces such as a contemporary neckpiece or a cuff bracelet? Check out if she prefers classic or trendy pieces. Observe if there is a piece she does not take off. Her fashion and style choices express her inner self. They use them to let the world know what she finds sexy and trendy. Consider her casual clothing choices and her daily environment to determine the jewellery that would match it.

Precious Metal Color

Does your woman wear yellow gold, rose gold or silver? A lot of women mix metal colors in terms of jewellery and many pieces available today encompass gold and silver in one piece. But, if your woman sticks with a certain color, it just makes sense to go with that. She may try to avoid some tones that do not fit her coloring.


If you are looking to personalize the piece of jewellery you are giving your girl, you probably want it engraved. Keep in mind that this option requires you to have enough space for the message you wish to be inscribed. But, this is a great way to mark an occasion. Your woman will forever appreciate your gift that has your special place and time. Engraving will make a piece of jewellery even more unique and timeless. Just ensure you give the jeweller some time.

Helpful Hints

The majority of people have something on their wish list and paying attention can help find some hints to know what to give your special girl. Observe her reactions when she sees something online, in magazines or on the television. Remember the look and style of the pieces she likes. This should be able to help you pick the right jewellery that fits her overall style and preference. A great jeweller such as john greed jewellery can help you make the right choice.

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