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Choosing a Signature Scent? These Tips are for You

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We all have a sense of smell that helps us identify various scents. Apart from our favorite scent, we use different perfumes to make an impression. However, sometimes we have difficulty finding a certain fragrance that depicts our personality. This perfume should serve as our signature scent. If you are in the market to find your signature scent, below are some tips to help you choose the right perfume:

Know your Options

In terms of perfumes, you will come across terms such as pure, absolute, oils from herbs and flowers as well as natural extracts. You will have to determine which of these perfume descriptions you want. Eau de Cologne is a refreshing mix of 3%-5% oil with water and alcohol. Eau de Toilette also has of 3%-5% oil but it is mixed with alcohol only. Eau de Parfum contains a high percentage of oil, plus alcohol. Finally, there is Perfume which contains 15%-30% perfume oil, added with alcohol. The high concentration of perfume oil makes the last option quite expensive. Also, you can choose perfumes based on the country they are made from. Italian perfumes are among the best to pick from.

Moreover, the classification of scents is based on their predominant characteristics and you must determine the kind of perfume you like the most. For women, choices include floral, oriental, citrus and wood.

You may collect a variety of perfumes and use each of them based on the occasion or season. For instance, during the day-time you can always wear floral and sweet scents. Woody and oriental are perfect in the evenings. In the cold months, you can wear strong scents and light in the summer.

Follow your Guts

You can ignore the lovely packaging, the awesome model or the cool designer. Those are parts of the strategy that companies use to attract people to their products. If a smell catches your attention and you love it, just go for it. Fragrance should be love at first spritz so you should not take time analyzing when you have found the scent that boosts your confidence.

Road-Test what You’ve Got

After buying your signature scent, spritz it on your skin and let it settle. At the end of the day, see if the fragrance is still right. You can also test on a friend and hear what they say. However, the most important is to check if your chosen scent makes you feel fabulous and confident. Keep in mind that it is about getting your signature scent and sharing it with the world.

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