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20 Best Travel Tips to Travel Around the World

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Travelling around the world is one the best experiences in one’s life. It elevates one’s mood and act as a perfect catalyst for happiness. In enriches your experiences and offers you an opportunity to meet new people and imbibe their customs and traditions. The experts recommend embarking on at least one trip in a year to enrich your soul with amazing experiences. Here are the 20 best travel tips which you may consider before embarking on a journey.

  1. Make a List

The first thing which you should keep in mind before you start your trip is to make a list of all important things. It is better to maintain a pocket notebook or the tech-friendly travellers can use their Smartphone to jot down minute details of the trip. They include the places to visit, important travel documents and checklist, names of medicines, etc which you should always remember during the trip.

  1. Get Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is important because you never know what is in store for you in an unknown land. You may get hurt, or fall sick, or maybe robbed, so travel insurance can save you in such unforeseen incidents.

  1. Stash Extra Cash

Cash is definitely the king in the foreign land. You may have enough capital in your debit and credit cards, but it is always a good idea to store around 100 dollars in cash with you. The cards may not work in foreign countries; ATMs may be difficult to find in exotic places, you may even lose your wallet. The cash would bail you out in times of emergency.

  1. Pack Compactly

Never carry unnecessary clothing during a tour. Pack compactly and efficiently, so that you do not face any problem travelling with your luggage. This is especially true when you need to cover many countries within a short time.

  1. Carry Enough White T-shirts

Carry enough number of white t shirts. This comfortable piece of apparel can be teamed up with jeans, capris, shorts. You can check out some exclusive white t-shirts from Bewakoof, Baefikre, Lee, Levis, Proline, Zara, etc.

  1. Carry a Power bank

These days power bank has become essential electronic gadget to keep your Smartphone, camera and iPod working during the tour.

  1. Pack an Umbrella and Hat

The weather in the foreign land is totally unpredictable for you. You never know when you can get drenched in rain or experience unseasonal hot weather. The hat and umbrella can turn saviour in those instances.

  1. Take enough Suns Screen

The suns screen lotions are very important to shield you from the harmful UV rays when you remain outdoors for a long duration. Do not forget them during the tour.

  1. Make Photocopies of Travel Documents

Always carry photocopies of your important travel documents like passport, travel insurance and flight and hotel bookings. You may have saved them in your Smartphone but carrying a hard copy is equally important.

  1. Wake up Early

Rise up early to experience the beautiful sunrise in exotic destination and capture the magnificent photographs in the diffused sunlight of the morning.

  1. Never Forget Common Medicines and Prescription

Carry some common medicines like the ones for fever, stomach upset, headache, motion sickness. Do not forget the prescription of your local doctor, because in many countries you may not be permitted to buy over the counter medicines.

  1. Taste Local Delicacies

Every country has some special delicacies like waffles in Belgium, cheese in the Netherlands, chocolates in Switzerland. Never forget to taste them.

  1. Buy Local Souvenirs

The local souvenirs are wonderful memories to be brought back home. They are also the local handicrafts of that place. Indulge in a few of them.

  1. Patience is Important

Whenever you are in a foreign location you may not experience everything as planned. It is mandatory to be patient in those instances and sort out the issues peacefully.

  1. Book the Tickets well in Advance

The flight tickets are always economic when you book them well in advance. If you are setting out on a planned tour, it is better to book the flight tickets a few months before the tour.

  1. Prebook the Hotels

Book your hotels before you set out on the journey so that you do not end up with any surprises after you reach the place. This is especially true during the peak season.

  1. Meet Local People

Whenever you travel to exotic destination make it a point to start a conversation with the local people. In this way, you can enrich your knowledge and experience.

  1. Maintain Notes

If you wish to jot down your experience make a note of minute details during the tour. You would definitely forget them after you come back.

  1. Take a lot of Pictures

Capture lot of pictures especially of nature. You may not come back to these places again, so the photographs would serve as important treasure.

  1. Enjoy Each Day

While travelling, forget all your worries and soak into the beauty of the place. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity; make the best out of it.

These were the 20 best tips while travelling around the world.




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